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We breed and raise registered Red Devon Beef Cattle. We also use Black Angus heifers for a commercial cross. Red Devon are known for their ability to transform grass into tasty beef with little to no input. They are early to mature, excellent mothers, and parasite tolerant.


We breed and raise Spanish goats. Spanish goats are a land-race 

dating back to the exploring Spaniards and are now on the conservation watch list. Spanish goats can forage with little to no input, are excellent mothers and are parasite tolerant ... a perfect pasture companion to our cattle.


Our sheep flock is a combination of Katahdin, Dorper, and registered St. Croix. Our sheep forage with little to no input, are excellent mothers and parasite tolerant. We have found that the combination of hair sheep breeds brings the best to our program.

Guard Dogs

We breed and raise Anatolian Shepards for livestock protection. We find them to be best suited for our needs. Our ranch is as much a wildlife sanctuary as it is a working livestock farm. For that reason, we are populated by coyote, deer and wild hogs ... all of which need a deterrent from our pastures and livestock.